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Mr. Indian Hills was a great success this year. It all started with the class advisors, Senora Wehran and Senora McLaughlin, having dance parties in the hallways to sell tickets which was a success as the turn out was better than expected! Seniors David D., Kenny F., John P., Evan P., Austin S., Steven T., Arra T., and Justin V. all competed to see who would win the title of the 2011 Mr. Indian Hills. Categories ranged from beach wear, to formal wear, to a talent show. Judges were Mr. Knaus, Ms. Klingner, Mrs. Hoyt, and Mr. Searles and when it came down to elimination, Evan P., Kenny F., Steven T., and David D. remained and were asked questions by special guest judge, Mrs. Bernard. All the contestants gave great performances and had a lot of fun. Talents included singing, bubble blowing, back flips, riding unicycles and even sticking an entire fist into a mouth! John P. was eliminated, but ended up being crowned “Mr. Congeniality” as decided by the crowd‘s roaring applause. In the end, after a very difficult decision, David D. was crowned “Mr. Indian Hills,” winning him 2 free prom tickets for him and his date, Danielle I. who was a great sport when David asked her to prom in a song in front of the entire audience! Everyone: contestants, judges, and audience, had a great evening.
Picture: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2010/09/20/off-campus-punishment-policy-causes-stir-in-n-j/

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The Muscle Maker Grill http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/02/08/the-muscle-maker-grill/ http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/02/08/the-muscle-maker-grill/#comments Tue, 08 Feb 2011 16:26:41 +0000 Deanna M http://ihfan.net/wordpress/?p=1066 By: Ross L.

Many establishments go in and out of Copper Tree Shopping Plaza overnight, but hopefully this one is here to stay! The Muscle Maker Grill offers healthy food that, surprisingly enough, tastes really good! When I first walked into The Muscle Maker Grill, I was intrigued by the set up of the restaurant. The kitchen area is open so that happy customers can watch as their meals are prepared from scratch. The Muscle Maker is not a super “fast food” restaurant in my opinion. It tends to be a little pricier and the wait tends to be a little longer, but that must be the price of quality because it sure tastes good! The staff was also very accommodating when I ordered a buffalo chicken wrap even though it was not on the menu. The cashier assured me that they could still make it and asked for my name. A few moments later the head chef called my name and consulted me as to how exactly I would like my buffalo wrap constructed. A short while later, he called me over and told me that he hoped it was exactly what I had in mind. Nine dollars got me a full wrap with one side dish. Side dishes from MM include everything from ceasar salad to pasta. The wrap was bursting with flavor and not too spicy, a perfect medium . The Muscle Maker Grill is a franchise that can be found in New York, New Jersey, California, and Florida. The restaurant’s niche is that its menu is created with the customers health in mind.

Picture:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/musclemakergrillmiami/5040050187/

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Peace In Sight for Egypt? http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/03/17/peace-in-sight-for-egypt/ http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/03/17/peace-in-sight-for-egypt/#comments Fri, 18 Mar 2011 00:34:03 +0000 Deanna M http://ihfan.net/wordpress/?p=1114 By: Christie T.

After all of the chaos that Egypt has faced over the past couple months, with massive protests causing the leader, Hosni Mubarak, to resign, it appears that a state of peace could be in sight. This Saturday, March 19th, a referendum about constitutional amendments, including limiting the President’s rule to two four-year terms and extending the emergency laws, will take place. This referendum, the first one in 60 years that will not be rigged, will show the direction of Egypt’s political future. “Whether we accept the amendments or we reject them, either situation means a page in our history will turn,” said Amr Shubaki, a political analyst. Currently, the political leadership in Egypt is one big, confusing mess, as the military truly does not want to maintain power and it suspended the Constitution to rule. The voter turnout on Saturday, will provide insight on how Egypt will recover and move forward. However, many are ignorant about the amendments, so it is unclear if people will come to the polls purely to achieve a state of normalcy, even if they have no knowledge on the topic.

Picture: http://www.inflexwetrust.com/2011/01/29/breaking-news-egyptian-cabinet-resigns/

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/03/07/decisions-decisions-decisions/ http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/03/07/decisions-decisions-decisions/#comments Mon, 07 Mar 2011 15:54:02 +0000 jmichelle http://ihfan.net/wordpress/?p=1107 By: Jess W.
If they haven’t already, most seniors will soon find themselves either enjoying the wonderful feeling of acceptance or the pitiful feeling of rejection. Regardless, a major decision, with undeniable long term effects, will have to be made. While some have little difficulty making the decision, others are contemplating throwing logic out the window and opting for the method of “picking out of the hat.”
Choosing the right college is just as daunting as applying to college. Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal formula that students can follow in their decision making process. Students will have to really start examining what matters to them and what doesn’t. A common question most students ask is, “What is the best college?” Although many want to go to the “best” college they get into, what really defines “best?” Rankings often determine the definition of “best” for many. Understandably, more recognized schools offer some advantages in the job market, but sometimes a name-brand school may not be the best school. Happiness and success does not have to hinge upon a good college pedigree. It is more a product of the experiences and opportunities that a college offers.

In the end, students will be choosing a college that is most in line with their values. What those values are is just another question they will have to answe

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Thai Tonight Anyone?! http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/02/07/thai-tonight-anyone/ http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/02/07/thai-tonight-anyone/#comments Mon, 07 Feb 2011 18:18:18 +0000 Deanna M http://ihfan.net/wordpress/?p=1055 By: Christina P.

Have you ever been in one of those ruts and just have too much difficulty deciding what or where to eat? Well, if you’re in the mood for some great, home-cooked Thai food, try eating at Malee Fine Thai Restaurant.  You will get a taste of authentic Thai food without having to go too far from home since it is located right in Ridgewood, NJ. Malee Fine Thai Restaurant offers eclectic flavors and a plethora of dishes for any palate.  Malee offers both familiar and new appetizers and entrees on their menu.  From the classic Sate appetizer, skewered chicken or beef marinated with Thai spice and served with a delectable peanut sauce and cucumber salad, to their very delicious Thai-style fried rice, Malee never fails to please the whole family.  Their menu also conveniently prompts you to decide how hot and spicy you want your food.  Besides their tasty food, Malee is a family-owned restaurant, so you will feel as if you are being fed by relatives.  The service is friendly and the small, quaint restaurant offers outdoor seating for those cool, summer nights. Takeout is also conveniently available.  It may be one of the best restaurants in the heart of Ridgewood:  fantastic, authentic food, and family-friendly! What more could you ask for from a great restaurant?! Be sure to stop by Malee Fine Thai Restaurant sometime in the near future.

Picture: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/I_rCWdnrcv6_z558QEyOUQ

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The “Senior” Parking Lot http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/02/09/the-senior-parking-lot/ http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/02/09/the-senior-parking-lot/#comments Wed, 09 Feb 2011 18:34:01 +0000 jmichelle http://ihfan.net/wordpress/?p=1074 By: Colleen W.

So…we call it the “Senior Parking Lot” for a reason.  Parking in the lower lot is a privilege reserved solely for seniors who have applied for and received a parking pass. During the summer break, seniors who wished to park in the lower lot had to come to school and register their cars.  This year, Indian Hills decided to provide stickers for seniors to place in the rear-left window of their cars.  This made replicating fake parking passes much more difficult than it had been with the passes that hung from the rear-view mirror.  Security made it clear that parking rules were to be strictly enforced during the upcoming school year, making every senior eager to register.
However, in the past few weeks, the senior parking lot has grown much more crowded as more and more juniors have received their licenses.  Seniors with parking passes who arrive to school a few minutes late have been unable to find available parking spots.  It is unfair that many juniors have been taking full advantage of senior privileges.
Finally, last Friday, the administration of Indian Hills, after incurring a great deal of complaints from the frustrated senior class, decided to begin enforcing parking rules with consequences for those who violate such rules.  Seniors can now breathe a bit easier knowing that their parking spots will be available no matter what time they get to school and next year, the current juniors will be able to enjoy the same privilege and understand why the parking dilemma has caused such a controversy.

Image: Google Images

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The IHHS Mock Trial Team http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/02/09/the-ihhs-mock-trial-team/ http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/02/09/the-ihhs-mock-trial-team/#comments Wed, 09 Feb 2011 18:44:39 +0000 jmichelle http://ihfan.net/wordpress/?p=1081 By: Bridget G.

The students involved in the IHHS Mock Trial Team are hard workers by nature. Yet, this year, fate and unavoidable circumstances have pushed the team to new limits. Any time something could go wrong, it did this year! Returning players had to step up to the plate and the newbies had to learn on the go. Scheduling a successful practice seemed more difficult at times than finding a workable case theory. However, through thick and thin, the mock trial team members stepped up to the challenge and learned to work together this year! Against all odds, the Mock Trial team had a very successful year, making it out of the preliminary rounds and into the semi-finals. Though defeated by Bergen Catholic in a challenging competition, the team has grown stronger and more knowledgeable about the inner workings of Mock. Mock Trial is more than just memorization and long hours after school, it is a family that can deal with everything put in its way, whether it be last minute switches, court house evacuations, inconvenient weather conditions, or accusations of being on “the dark side.” At the end of the day, we have grown more confident in ourselves and each other and have fostered a sense of camaraderie.

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The Grammys http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/02/16/the-grammys/ http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/02/16/the-grammys/#comments Wed, 16 Feb 2011 16:19:06 +0000 Deanna M http://ihfan.net/wordpress/?p=1096 By: Christie T.

On Sunday, February 13, the 53rd annual Grammy award show occurred and it sure was an entertaining show. Commonly known as “music’s biggest night”, the night of this award show was filled with appearances from the top celebrities, awesome musical performances, and, of course, a great deal of suspense. Some of the musical performances included Justin Bieber and Usher featuring Jaden Smith, Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum, Cee Lo Green and Gwenyth Paltrow, Arcade Fire and many others. This year, the Grammys were held in celebration of Aretha Franklin: an accomplished woman who undoubtedly has had a major influence on music. Several live performers sang many of Franklin’s songs together in commemoration of the ill Franklin. These artists include Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Martina McBride, Florence Welch (lead singer of Florence and the Machine), and Barbara Streisand.
All different types of music were recognized and celebrated at this event. The winners of the different awards were varied and some results were very surprising. Probably the most shocking winner was Esperanza Spalding, a jazz musician who walked away with the Best New Artist Award. The other nominees for that title were Drake, Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, and of course, Justin Bieber. Also, one of the most prestigious awards, Record of the Year, was won by Lady Antebellum: a group that stole many awards, including Song of the Year. Other highlights include Arcade Fire winning Album of the Year, Lady Gaga winning Pop Vocal Album, Muse winning Rock Album, and Eminem winning Rap Album. The Grammys was a really fun, exciting show, and the excitement was heightened with a special performance by Mick Jagger singing “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love.”  The 2011 Grammys were a very popular event as 26.7 million viewers tuned in to watch, helping to make it a memorable night in music history.

Picture: http://gossip.whyfame.com/2011-grammys-winners-list-9544

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Spirit Week Part 2! http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/04/01/spirit-week-part-2/ http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/04/01/spirit-week-part-2/#comments Fri, 01 Apr 2011 15:00:44 +0000 Deanna M http://ihfan.net/wordpress/?p=1145 By: Danielle I.

Last week, as I embarked on my last spirit week of Indian Hills, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of nostalgia. I remembered my very first spirit week which consisted of a failed Toga Tuesday and my very first Way Back Wednesday (when I had no clue what it actually meant!). I can happily say now, though, that my senior year’s spirit weeks have been the most enthusiastic spirit weeks of all my years at IH!
Just this past week, the IHHS student council chose to enact a second spirit week and this has not been done in years. Due to the overwhelming amount of Braves pride displayed at the first spirit week in October, we knew that the student body was ready and willing to dress up and go all out again. Unfortunately, because of the overabundance of excitement that Spirit Week Part I exhibited, the student council was told to make the new spirit week a bit less “out there” and more tame. So, we chose a few new days to add in the mix!
Flannel Monday was a comfy and stylish hit among many Indian Hills students; while some simply wore flannel shirts, others adorned themselves in flannel pants. Tie-Dye Tuesday came next and it was awesome to look around the hallways and see so many different types of tie-dye! Although the next day called for snow, many dedicated Braves still chose to deck themselves out in their favorite decade’s gear for Way Back Wednesday. This was the first way back day that I have witnessed that involved cavemen, colonial men and women, and Romans in togas; so a big kudos goes out to those people who went beyond the twentieth century! Next, we had Sports Day on Thursday where a large number of students chose to wear their team’s favorite jersey or even dress up like an athlete! And to top it all off, we always include a day to dedicate to the blue, the gold, and the braves: Spirit Day. While the majority of us wore any one of our many IHHS shirts, others put on face paint, head gear, necklaces, and more!
Aly H. and Chris G. won the “Most Spirited Contest” that student council sponsored because they both dressed up fabulously every day! All I can now say is thank you Indian Hills for providing me with great memories and a fabulous last spirit week.

Picture: http://imanischool.org/451238.ihtml

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Club Hi11s’ Beat of the World http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/03/23/club-hi11s%e2%80%99-beat-of-the-world/ http://ihfan.net/wordpress/2011/03/23/club-hi11s%e2%80%99-beat-of-the-world/#comments Wed, 23 Mar 2011 23:20:31 +0000 jmichelle http://ihfan.net/wordpress/?p=1120 By: Jenny L.

It’s that time of year again- the time that seniors of Indian Hills turn into models and walk down the runway. This Friday, March 25, is the annual Senior Fashion Show. The theme this year is Club Hi11s’ Beat of the World. On this exciting night, seniors will walk down the stage modeling the newest fashions in a variety of categories. Some seniors will be modeling casual clothing; the clothes that they would enjoy wearing to school or going out with friends. The formal category consists of long dresses for girls and nice suits or tuxes for boys- kind of like a preview of senior prom! The semi-formal category is a little more toned down than the formal, but still elegant and classy. These senior girls will be modeling the newest cocktail dresses on the fashion scene and the boys will look sharp in their suits. The sports category is always a favorite. Students will be all about school spirit as they model their Braves uniforms for their sports teams. The final and most unique category is the one in which students can model their own creations. The students modeling in this category worked hard sewing these outfits and are very excited to show off their work on Friday night.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Senior Fashion Show. All of the profits raised go to Project Graduation- an alcohol-free night that seniors attend the night of graduation to ensure safety while still having fun. Anyone who wants to see a great show with the latest fashions, eat the food that will be served, win some great auction prizes, and participate in the 50-50 raffle should definitely attend!

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