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The “Senior” Parking Lot

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By: Colleen W.

So…we call it the “Senior Parking Lot” for a reason.  Parking in the lower lot is a privilege reserved solely for seniors who have applied for and received a parking pass. During the summer break, seniors who wished to park in the lower lot had to come to school and register their cars.  This year, Indian Hills decided to provide stickers for seniors to place in the rear-left window of their cars.  This made replicating fake parking passes much more difficult than it had been with the passes that hung from the rear-view mirror.  Security made it clear that parking rules were to be strictly enforced during the upcoming school year, making every senior eager to register.
However, in the past few weeks, the senior parking lot has grown much more crowded as more and more juniors have received their licenses.  Seniors with parking passes who arrive to school a few minutes late have been unable to find available parking spots.  It is unfair that many juniors have been taking full advantage of senior privileges.
Finally, last Friday, the administration of Indian Hills, after incurring a great deal of complaints from the frustrated senior class, decided to begin enforcing parking rules with consequences for those who violate such rules.  Seniors can now breathe a bit easier knowing that their parking spots will be available no matter what time they get to school and next year, the current juniors will be able to enjoy the same privilege and understand why the parking dilemma has caused such a controversy.

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Mr. Indian Hills

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By: Katie T.
Mr. Indian Hills was a great success this year. It all started with the class advisors, Senora Wehran and Senora McLaughlin, having dance parties in the hallways to sell tickets which was a success as the turn out was better than expected! Seniors David D., Kenny F., John P., Evan P., Austin S., Steven T., Arra T., and Justin V. all competed to see who would win the title of the 2011 Mr. Indian Hills. Categories ranged from beach wear, to formal wear, to a talent show. Judges were Mr. Knaus, Ms. Klingner, Mrs. Hoyt, and Mr. Searles and when it came down to elimination, Evan P., Kenny F., Steven T., and David D. remained and were asked questions by special guest judge, Mrs. Bernard. All the contestants gave great performances and had a lot of fun. Talents included singing, bubble blowing, back flips, riding unicycles and even sticking an entire fist into a mouth! John P. was eliminated, but ended up being crowned “Mr. Congeniality” as decided by the crowd‘s roaring applause. In the end, after a very difficult decision, David D. was crowned “Mr. Indian Hills,” winning him 2 free prom tickets for him and his date, Danielle I. who was a great sport when David asked her to prom in a song in front of the entire audience! Everyone: contestants, judges, and audience, had a great evening.

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Big is Coming to Hills!

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By: Colleen W.

Remember that old movie with Tom Hanks where he plays that huge piano with his feet at F.A.O. Schwartz? Remember? He wishes he was big and next thing you know, he is…Yeah, it is called Big! And this year, the Indian Hills Theatre Company will be performing Big! The Musical on March 31, April 1, and April 2. The cast has been working hard since the beginning of January, and the cast members’ efforts have not been fruitless. These hardworking kids light up the stage as they sing, dance, and perform with sheer passion. There is a great deal of talent in this cast and you’ll sure be sorry if you miss out on this performance! It’s shaping up the be a great show with lots of humor and wonderful music. So come out to see Big! The Musicalbecause they “promise you the time of your life!”

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Teen Kula Idol!

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By: Katie T.
This past Friday, Friday the 18th, Indian Hills High School hosted an extremely successful event, Teen Kula Idol. It was created by Teen Kula For Karma, a branch of Kula For Karma, which was started a year and a half ago. The name “Kula for Karma” comes from the word “Kula”  which stands for community, and the word “Karma,” which stands for selfless service. At Friday’s Teen Kula Idol, teens volunteered their time and talent to inspire other teens to get involved in Teen Kula for Karma. Kula for Karma provides meditation instruction and stress management support services to those who have been or are being challenged by difficult circumstances such as: illness, addiction or abuse. Friday’s event included a singing competition inspired by American Idol. Teens from all over auditioned online and after tough eliminations, ten finalists were chosen. These ten finalists performed for a huge audience and 6 judges including JT Taylor, representatives from Atlantic Records, and Jimmy Locust. The event was emceed by Z100’s Sceery Jones and TJ the DJ. All the performers were critiqued and in the end, the judges chose one winner who may just be the music industry’s next big star! Teen Kula for Karma hopes to continue its mission and spread the word and the organization can use all the support it can get!


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And They Keep Coming

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The Northeast is bracing itself for the possibility of more upcoming storms in the next couple of weeks. It’s beginning to look as though our area could see a good amount of mixed precipitation at the front end of the storm tomorrow, which will eventually turn into all snow at the end. Our area can expect to see 2-4 inches by Saturday night as a result of this storm.

GFS model
(GFS Model)

As seen in the above picture, there is the potential for another large winter storm next week around February 9th to February 11th. This storm looks to be very powerful and if it were to carry out the way some of the models are currently showing, it can devastate our area. Anywhere from Washington D.C. to Nova Scotia could be seeing over a foot of snow with this winter storm. Still, it is too early to tell where this is going, but the potential for such a storm is definitely there. Stay tuned to IH Fan for more updates on the upcoming winter storms.

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Super Bowl XLV

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Packers. Steelers. Rodgers. Roethlisberger.

Over 100 million people will be tuned in Sunday night to witness one of the biggest sporting events of the year in the country. The Green Bay Packers (10-6) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) will face off in the forty fifth super bowl with a lot at stake. Between the two teams they have gathered nine super bowl titles. The Steelers, one of the greatest teams in NFL history, have won five super bowls, and are now tied with the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers for most super bowl wins of all time. If Pittsburgh wins this game, they will take the lead for the most super bowl wins ever in the NFL. Meanwhile, the Packers have won four super bowls in their history.

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A Word From Our Vice-President

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One of my favorite Indian Hills traditions is screaming “And the home of the Braves!” at the end of the national anthem before every major sporting event. Just this past Friday I belted this beloved phrase at the Indian Hills vs. Ramapo hockey game (that we won!). Despite the score of the game (once again, we won!!) Indian Hills remained as classy and school spirited as ever. We were one united school packed into the cold stands and willing to cheer on our friends and classmates; we cheered loudly and decked ourselves out in blue and gold face paint, feathers, and IHHS shirts. I was so proud to see everyone there and at the past game against our rivals staying calm and classy.
Not only has our school’s spirit been exemplified at sporting events but also in the halls of our beloved school. Spirit week this year was the best one that I can remember and it’s all because of the many students who participated! Because of the success we had, we’re going to be sure to have another spirit week in March with new theme days!
This year at Indian Hills has also proved to be one of acceptance and tolerance. After Rachel’s Challenge and Students Step Up, I have certainly been noticing a different feeling at Indian Hills. The majority of students took Rachel’s Challenge and definitely showed their Braves spirit. The Community Service Fair also demonstrated how ready our school is to step up to the plate and help in any way possible. The blood drives, toy drives, and food drives that student council hosts are always great successes too. Overall, I cannot be more pleased with the way things are going this school year. I am proud to call myself an Indian Hills Student and will certainly relish my next five months of high school at the home of the Braves.
-Danielle I.

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A Word From Our Board of Ed Rep

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Indian Hills has been having a great first half of the year. Between school events, academic competitions, and athletics, I know that when I give my report to the board every other Monday night, I will have something to ”brag” about. It is important that you guys realize how much the board enjoys hearing about the accomplishments of the students and everything that we are doing. Our school does so much and has the help and support of so many different people, from parents to faculty, that we are set apart from a lot of other high schools.

While the board has been fully informed about the students, I have been trying to find a way to inform you guys about the board. This page will definitely help with conveying important topics in the meetings to you guys. Starting with the next meeting, I am hoping to give a quick summary of the things that are discussed that you should know about and if you guys have any questions or concerns, don’t be shy! I am happy to listen to what you have to say and after all, I am representing you!

I have been seeing a great deal of school spirit these days and while I am sure that the results from the hockey game last Friday have been helpful in that department, the credit really goes to all of you. You are the ones attending class fundraisers, participating in clubs and sports, and decking yourselves out in blue and gold. We represent Indian Hills so keep up the good work! Go Braves!

-Deanna M.

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Sloppy Saturday?

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As many parts of the United States dig out from the massive Groundhog Day Blizzard, a new storm looms on the horizon for the weekend. Our area experienced a significant mixing event that paralyzed travel for two days. Due to changes in the North Atlantic Oscillation from neutral to positive, there will continue to be a pattern in the next couple of weeks where we can see storms cutting inland and dumping more mixed precipitation to the area, rather than dumping all snow like we had been seeing throughout all of January. Therefore, while this Saturday storm does have the potential to drop around a half a foot of snow on our area, only some of the models are showing an all-snow event.


Currently, the models are split on what solution the I-95 corridor will see from this storm. As this storm runs up the coast Friday into Saturday, some models show a colder solution that would bring ice at the front end of the storm to our area, while following up with snow amounts of up to 5-10 inches afterwards. Other models do not show the cold air mass moving into place, in which case we could see larger amounts of freezing precipitation and rain instead. Keep in mind, if the precipitation falls in the form of ice, we will be dealing with the kind of difficult-to-shovel mess that we saw Wednesday morning. In addition, a rain event can cause flooding issues across our area as well.

At this point it’s a bit too early to tell what will occur with this winter storm on Saturday. Chances are, this will not have any effect on the school day Friday. Next chance for an interruption in school will be next Tuesday where there is the potential for another winter storm, this time with more snow. We will continue to keep you updated here at

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NHS Updates

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By: Justin P.

The members of the Indian Hills National Honors Society have been upholding the oath they pledged at their induction by getting involved in various examples of community service. Free tutoring is being held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school and Tuesday mornings before school. In order to make tutoring after school easier and more accessible for students, the NHS has adopted an “open door policy.” Any student who would like to be tutored can simply show up on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:45 to 3:45 and NHS tutors will be present. The advisor and officers request that, if any student would like to be tutored during the Tuesday morning session, that he/she schedule an appointment through the guidance department. If parents feel more comfortable requesting a specific tutor after school, they may schedule this through the guidance department as well. The NHS is excited about the establishment of this new, more lenient policy, which will encourage students who have questions or concerns in any of their classes to attend extra help without having to take the time to schedule an appointment.
In addition to tutoring, the NHS members have been hard at work on another service project: a charity disc golf competition. Essentially, disc golf is a game similar to golf, but it is played with Frisbees and targets as opposed to balls and clubs. On Februrary 13th, the NHS members will be volunteering their time to run a charity disc golf tournament, also known as an “Ice Bowl,” at Campgaw. They will provide food to the players, assist with scoring, sell merchandise, and also raise money through sponsors. All of the food and money that is raised by the individual NHS members, and all of the money that is donated by the disc golfers, will be donated to the Center for Food Action in Mahwah. (See their website here:; All food banks, but particularly the Center for Food Action, are desperately in need of food to supply needy families this winter. The National Honor Society is proud of its efforts to make the local community a better place and the members thank you for your continued support! If anyone is interested in donating to the Ice Bowl and the Center for Food Action, please contact Mr. Van Nest, NHS advisor.

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