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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

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By: Jess W.
If they haven’t already, most seniors will soon find themselves either enjoying the wonderful feeling of acceptance or the pitiful feeling of rejection. Regardless, a major decision, with undeniable long term effects, will have to be made. While some have little difficulty making the decision, others are contemplating throwing logic out the window and opting for the method of “picking out of the hat.”
Choosing the right college is just as daunting as applying to college. Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal formula that students can follow in their decision making process. Students will have to really start examining what matters to them and what doesn’t. A common question most students ask is, “What is the best college?” Although many want to go to the “best” college they get into, what really defines “best?” Rankings often determine the definition of “best” for many. Understandably, more recognized schools offer some advantages in the job market, but sometimes a name-brand school may not be the best school. Happiness and success does not have to hinge upon a good college pedigree. It is more a product of the experiences and opportunities that a college offers.

In the end, students will be choosing a college that is most in line with their values. What those values are is just another question they will have to answe

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Club Hi11s’ Beat of the World

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By: Jenny L.

It’s that time of year again- the time that seniors of Indian Hills turn into models and walk down the runway. This Friday, March 25, is the annual Senior Fashion Show. The theme this year is Club Hi11s’ Beat of the World. On this exciting night, seniors will walk down the stage modeling the newest fashions in a variety of categories. Some seniors will be modeling casual clothing; the clothes that they would enjoy wearing to school or going out with friends. The formal category consists of long dresses for girls and nice suits or tuxes for boys- kind of like a preview of senior prom! The semi-formal category is a little more toned down than the formal, but still elegant and classy. These senior girls will be modeling the newest cocktail dresses on the fashion scene and the boys will look sharp in their suits. The sports category is always a favorite. Students will be all about school spirit as they model their Braves uniforms for their sports teams. The final and most unique category is the one in which students can model their own creations. The students modeling in this category worked hard sewing these outfits and are very excited to show off their work on Friday night.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Senior Fashion Show. All of the profits raised go to Project Graduation- an alcohol-free night that seniors attend the night of graduation to ensure safety while still having fun. Anyone who wants to see a great show with the latest fashions, eat the food that will be served, win some great auction prizes, and participate in the 50-50 raffle should definitely attend!

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Big is Coming to Hills!

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By: Colleen W.

Remember that old movie with Tom Hanks where he plays that huge piano with his feet at F.A.O. Schwartz? Remember? He wishes he was big and next thing you know, he is…Yeah, it is called Big! And this year, the Indian Hills Theatre Company will be performing Big! The Musical on March 31, April 1, and April 2. The cast has been working hard since the beginning of January, and the cast members’ efforts have not been fruitless. These hardworking kids light up the stage as they sing, dance, and perform with sheer passion. There is a great deal of talent in this cast and you’ll sure be sorry if you miss out on this performance! It’s shaping up the be a great show with lots of humor and wonderful music. So come out to see Big! The Musicalbecause they “promise you the time of your life!”

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Prom Is Getting Close!

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By: Anna G.

It’s only the beginning of April and already prom season is in full swing! Facebook groups of bus lists and prom dresses are more than developed, with girls posting all sorts of dresses! Hair and make-up appointments need to be made soon, and asking dates is a stressful task that is finally winding down. How much of the night will be worth the stress and anticipation? For the junior class, many of them are unaware of the prom experience and will be able to make their own conclusions. Seniors are going back for another night, perhaps hoping to end with a bang better than their junior year or have a night just as fun! For all the prom-goers out there, try to relax and let go of the stress to ensure that you will have an enjoyable, stress free night!


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Relay For Life is Back

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by: Danielle I.

“Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.” This slogan epitomizes the spirit of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, which will, yet again, be proudly hosted by Indian Hills on June 11th and 12th of this year! Relay for Life is an international organization committed to creating a world with more birthdays and less cancer by spreading awareness, raising money for research, and helping those in need of assistance.
Because of Indian Hills’ amazing success with last year’s Relay, our school has been asked to host it again! Committees have already been formed and are currently in full gear to make 2011’s Relay even better! Goals for this year include getting the entire FLOW area involved and surpassing the target amount of money to be raised, as we did last year. This year, the theme of our Relay will be “A Cancer Free World,” which will include decorations, music, theme laps, food, and more all from different international locations.
Last year’s Relay for Life was undoubtedly one of the most emotional, fun, and heartwarming experiences I’ve ever partaken in. It’s an amazing feeling to see so many members of our community, both young and old, uniting together in such a beautiful way to beat such a horrible disease. Countless people have been touched by cancer whether it has affected themselves, their family members, friends, teachers, coaches, or neighbors. Cancer is a horrific disease, but Relay for Life provides people with hope. Relay proudly acknowledges cancer survivors while also paying tribute to those who have passed away.
The event consists of teams, each of which must have at least one member walking the track during the twelve hours. Although the early hours of the morning do become tough to continue walking, everyone keeps remembering that cancer never sleeps and neither should they if they wanted to exterminate it. While some members walk the track, others listen to local bands perform, have fundraising tents set up, play games like volleyball and badminton, sleep in their designated areas, or just chat with people they haven’t seen in a while.
Relay for Life has become one of America’s and Indian Hills’ most beloved fundraisers. Relay’s Kick-off event will be on February 9th, 2011 at 7:00 PM in the IHHS Cafeteria to begin our fight against cancer; so come out to learn more about Relay or to sign your team up! We are all ready for a cancer free world and Relay for Life will certainly help us to accomplish that dream.


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Stress is Taking Over High School Seniors

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By: Laura C.

In the Ramapo Indian Hills school district of Oakland, Franklin Lakes, and Wyckoff, New Jersey, students are feeling overwhelmed to complete their college papers, ACTS, SATS, college applications, essays, recommendations, and school work.

Seniors at Indian Hills High School are coming to the close of their college searches and now is the time when college applications, essays, and recommendations are due. The stress to have the perfect essay is overwhelming and students have been working on their essays for months, going through multiple drafts, all to ensure that they sound perfect. The thought of being rejected from the school of their dreams adds to the students’ stress while they are trying to find the perfect topic that not only catches the reader’s eye, but shows the reader a glimpse of who they really are.

SATS and ACTS are major tests taken to show colleges how much a student has learned. Students in the school district have taken each test multiple times and usually prepare for months beforehand with tutors. Each school has a minimum test score that it expects applicants to achieve. High school students everywhere face the pressure to do well and obtain the average score their potential college requires.

While completing all of these tasks, these college-bound students are still full-time students. Not only do colleges look for creative essays and great test scores, but they also want to see good grades and see that students are fulfilling their daily responsibilities of being high school students. Many colleges look more closely at school performance than anything else, but colleges also look to see how students spend their time after three o’clock from Monday to Friday. As a result, students feel pressured to participate in extracurricular activities to build up their transcripts.

The college application process is a long, tedious process that all college bound students have to go through. It is the sheer number of tasks students must accomplish over a period of time that can cause massive amounts of stress. Since there is little time to finish everything expected of them, the oldest members of the Braves tribe are now drowning in work, but still anxious to begin the next phase of their lives.
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