Friday, May 27, 2011

Thai Tonight Anyone?!

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By: Christina P.

Have you ever been in one of those ruts and just have too much difficulty deciding what or where to eat? Well, if you’re in the mood for some great, home-cooked Thai food, try eating at Malee Fine Thai Restaurant.  You will get a taste of authentic Thai food without having to go too far from home since it is located right in Ridgewood, NJ. Malee Fine Thai Restaurant offers eclectic flavors and a plethora of dishes for any palate.  Malee offers both familiar and new appetizers and entrees on their menu.  From the classic Sate appetizer, skewered chicken or beef marinated with Thai spice and served with a delectable peanut sauce and cucumber salad, to their very delicious Thai-style fried rice, Malee never fails to please the whole family.  Their menu also conveniently prompts you to decide how hot and spicy you want your food.  Besides their tasty food, Malee is a family-owned restaurant, so you will feel as if you are being fed by relatives.  The service is friendly and the small, quaint restaurant offers outdoor seating for those cool, summer nights. Takeout is also conveniently available.  It may be one of the best restaurants in the heart of Ridgewood:  fantastic, authentic food, and family-friendly! What more could you ask for from a great restaurant?! Be sure to stop by Malee Fine Thai Restaurant sometime in the near future.


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The Muscle Maker Grill

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By: Ross L.

Many establishments go in and out of Copper Tree Shopping Plaza overnight, but hopefully this one is here to stay! The Muscle Maker Grill offers healthy food that, surprisingly enough, tastes really good! When I first walked into The Muscle Maker Grill, I was intrigued by the set up of the restaurant. The kitchen area is open so that happy customers can watch as their meals are prepared from scratch. The Muscle Maker is not a super “fast food” restaurant in my opinion. It tends to be a little pricier and the wait tends to be a little longer, but that must be the price of quality because it sure tastes good! The staff was also very accommodating when I ordered a buffalo chicken wrap even though it was not on the menu. The cashier assured me that they could still make it and asked for my name. A few moments later the head chef called my name and consulted me as to how exactly I would like my buffalo wrap constructed. A short while later, he called me over and told me that he hoped it was exactly what I had in mind. Nine dollars got me a full wrap with one side dish. Side dishes from MM include everything from ceasar salad to pasta. The wrap was bursting with flavor and not too spicy, a perfect medium . The Muscle Maker Grill is a franchise that can be found in New York, New Jersey, California, and Florida. The restaurant’s niche is that its menu is created with the customers health in mind.


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The Grammys

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By: Christie T.

On Sunday, February 13, the 53rd annual Grammy award show occurred and it sure was an entertaining show. Commonly known as “music’s biggest night”, the night of this award show was filled with appearances from the top celebrities, awesome musical performances, and, of course, a great deal of suspense. Some of the musical performances included Justin Bieber and Usher featuring Jaden Smith, Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum, Cee Lo Green and Gwenyth Paltrow, Arcade Fire and many others. This year, the Grammys were held in celebration of Aretha Franklin: an accomplished woman who undoubtedly has had a major influence on music. Several live performers sang many of Franklin’s songs together in commemoration of the ill Franklin. These artists include Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Martina McBride, Florence Welch (lead singer of Florence and the Machine), and Barbara Streisand.
All different types of music were recognized and celebrated at this event. The winners of the different awards were varied and some results were very surprising. Probably the most shocking winner was Esperanza Spalding, a jazz musician who walked away with the Best New Artist Award. The other nominees for that title were Drake, Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, and of course, Justin Bieber. Also, one of the most prestigious awards, Record of the Year, was won by Lady Antebellum: a group that stole many awards, including Song of the Year. Other highlights include Arcade Fire winning Album of the Year, Lady Gaga winning Pop Vocal Album, Muse winning Rock Album, and Eminem winning Rap Album. The Grammys was a really fun, exciting show, and the excitement was heightened with a special performance by Mick Jagger singing “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love.”  The 2011 Grammys were a very popular event as 26.7 million viewers tuned in to watch, helping to make it a memorable night in music history.


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Club Hi11s’ Beat of the World

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By: Jenny L.

It’s that time of year again- the time that seniors of Indian Hills turn into models and walk down the runway. This Friday, March 25, is the annual Senior Fashion Show. The theme this year is Club Hi11s’ Beat of the World. On this exciting night, seniors will walk down the stage modeling the newest fashions in a variety of categories. Some seniors will be modeling casual clothing; the clothes that they would enjoy wearing to school or going out with friends. The formal category consists of long dresses for girls and nice suits or tuxes for boys- kind of like a preview of senior prom! The semi-formal category is a little more toned down than the formal, but still elegant and classy. These senior girls will be modeling the newest cocktail dresses on the fashion scene and the boys will look sharp in their suits. The sports category is always a favorite. Students will be all about school spirit as they model their Braves uniforms for their sports teams. The final and most unique category is the one in which students can model their own creations. The students modeling in this category worked hard sewing these outfits and are very excited to show off their work on Friday night.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Senior Fashion Show. All of the profits raised go to Project Graduation- an alcohol-free night that seniors attend the night of graduation to ensure safety while still having fun. Anyone who wants to see a great show with the latest fashions, eat the food that will be served, win some great auction prizes, and participate in the 50-50 raffle should definitely attend!

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No Strings Attached

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By: Jenny L.

“No Strings Attached,” a new movie starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman as Adam and Emma, is not your ordinary romantic comedy. Although it has the sappy and adorable love story between Adam and Emma, this romantic comedy tests the question of whether two people can be together sexually without falling deeply in love. Adam and Emma met when they were younger at summer camp. The two preteens never knew they’d meet again, and they especially didn’t think that they would ever have feelings for each other. However, fate took its twists and turns to make sure that Adam and Emma would meet years later and create a unique relationship. Although they spend a lot of time together, they make sure to keep it casual and avoid falling for one another by creating rules, such as ‘no arguing’ and ‘no jealousy.’ Because Emma is a busy doctor, and Adam is working on a movie script, they both lead busy lives and don’t want to have deep feelings for one another, so they try to keep the relationship as casual as possible. As they increase the time they are spending together, will they end up falling in love, or will they make sure that there really are no strings attached? Although the movie is rated ‘R’ for sexual content, language and some drug material, if you are of age you should go and see this witty, adorable, romantic comedy to find out the fate of Adam and Emma, and you will not be disappointed!


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Gear up for the Grueling Weather

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By: Amanda H.

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!” Don’t let this chilly weather stop you from looking your finest! Just because it’s freezing doesn’t mean you can’t look trendy. One solution… accessorize! For a pop of unexpected color, get a bright pair of mittens and a super cute hat. Scarves are available in all different patterns, the crazier the better. Don’t stop there! Instead of damaging your new pair of leather boots or holiday Uggs, invest in a fashionable pair of Hunter rain boots. They come in different colors, and can be versatile with an added pair of boot socks. Not only will you look good, you will be saving money from not having to replace winter sensitive footwear. One last suggestion… layer! You can make a spring dress winter friendly by adding a long sleeve shirt or a simple cardigan. Don’t let your clothes go to waste, flaunt them!

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Is MTV Showing Too Much “Skin”?

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By Christina M. & Leah P.

The controversial new show on MTV, Skins, is causing quite the commotion. The show premiered in January after four successful seasons in the UK. MTV was excited to get its hands on a spinoff of such a groundbreaking show, which follows the complex lives of teenagers. The episodes touch upon the mature and controversial topics of drug use, mental illness, sexuality, and partying. While the original show was much more vulgar but met with little resistance in the UK, its American counterpart has grabbed the attention of parents nationwide. There are claims of child pornography since the youngest actress in the show is only fifteen. The actors and actresses are also shown in compromising situations that cause parents to think that the cast members are too young to be watching the show, let alone acting in it. Although MTV issues a warning at the beginning of each episode stating that Skins is meant for mature audiences,  the age range of the majority of viewers for the opening episode was 14-18 years old. Some find the show to be harmless entertainment and do not see reason for such a public outcry. You be the judge: is Skins too racy or just a unique depiction of teenage life?

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The Tourist Movie Review

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Written by: Christian B.

What, at first glance, could have been a huge Oscar contender, turned out to be just an okay piece of silly entertainment. The movie was not a fail on all levels, but it could have (and should have!) been better. Here’s the breakdown…

Hollywood’s Finest: Say what you will about Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp, but there’s no denying that they are two of   our generation’s top actors. However, they have never been in a movie together until now. So, naturally one would think when combining the star power of these two actors one would strike gold!…right? eeehhh not quite. Depp and Jolie are wonderful actors, but they can’t seem to find a connection on screen. Depp gives a funny and charming performance as an average man who falls in love with Jolie’s character, but the problem lies with Jolie herself. I couldn’t help but feel that her role was only used for pure eye candy and diversion.  Johnny Depp:Thumbs Up; Angelina Jolie: Thumbs Down.

The Overall Plot: Just like the acting, this was a plot that should have been much better than it actually was. It’s a tough topic to touch on without giving away important points and the somewhat clever twist. It seems as though the pacing was off (especially in the beginning) and they took the easy way out with the ending.

The Action and Humor: Actually not bad. Where the movie wins is in its ability to not shove a big plate of “in your face action” right at you. The action scenes are a bit more sophisticated and realistic than one would expect from this movie and it was all very exciting to watch. As for the humor, I thought Johnny Depp played a very funny and down to earth (he actually refers to himself as this) character. There was no slapstick humor, but a lot of what was said and done was funny in a subtle way, and it all really pays off!

Bottom Line: While not the amazing star showcase it should have been, Johnny Depp seems to find just enough charm, Venice was a wonderful city to look at on the screen, the action and humor were pleasantly subtle, and the twist was  somewhat surprising, I’d say The Tourist is a watchable DVD rental that will most likely be a fun and entertaining time in the moment, but won’t really be remembered down the road.

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Glass Gifts, an Underground Artist

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With electronica and techno becoming more and more popular, allow me to introduce to the masses Richard Cupolo, better known as Glass Gifts.

Cupolo, a producer by profession, released a self-titled album for free download back in September. His unique blend of hip hop beats and haunting ambiance makes the listener not only think, but also feel. It’s truly a masterpiece; nothing I have ever heard (in this style) competes with his excellent, professional combination of funk, hip hop, electronica, rap, and ambiance.

Though one might suspect upon initial listening that the album would become repetitive and boring, Cupolo never dissatisfies. Of course, it might not be for everyone – but please, give this a listen.

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“True Grit” Movie Review

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Written by: Jess W.

Watching the trailer for “True Grit,” one would expect an action-packed, thriller and a fresh new take of the typical “Western movie.” Unfortunately, “True Grit” lacked the anticipated suspense and was just a fairly straightforward take on a western movie.
“True Grit” is based on a novel by Charles Portis, and follows the story of a girl named Mattie Ross (played by Hailee Steinfeld), who seeks to avenge her father’s murder. Mattie turns to the tough U.S. marshal, Reuben Cogburn (Jeff Bridges), to find the man and deliver justice. The two set out into the Indian Nation in search of the murderer, Tom Chaney, and are accompanied by Texas Ranger Laboeuf (Matt Damon), who’s also looking for Tom Chaney. Throughout their journey, they encounter a number of dangers and surprises that ultimately test their “true grit.”
Overall, the movie is a bit slow moving, with random scenes of action that fail to reach a climax. There were a few shootouts here, a duel there, but nothing seemed to culminate in a highpoint. Quite frankly, the end of the movie didn’t even feel like the end. As the ending credits started to roll, I didn’t want to leave my seat, because I felt that something more was going to, or should have happened.
However, despite lack-luster Old West action scenes, the acting and the script is enough of a reason to watch the film. All the actors were very strong, but Hailee Steinfeld’s portrayal outshone the others. She plays a very strong-willed, witty character who will easily captivate audiences. The amount of humor in the movie was also a nice surprise, and helped to separate the movie from the traditional western movie.
“True Grit” is a good movie, but seeing the misleading advertisements may leave many with the feeling of something to be desired. For those who have seen the television ads for “True Grit,” just keep in mind that when you go to the theater, you’ll be watching a different movie than what you originally might expect.

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