Friday, May 27, 2011

Peace In Sight for Egypt?

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By: Christie T.

After all of the chaos that Egypt has faced over the past couple months, with massive protests causing the leader, Hosni Mubarak, to resign, it appears that a state of peace could be in sight. This Saturday, March 19th, a referendum about constitutional amendments, including limiting the President’s rule to two four-year terms and extending the emergency laws, will take place. This referendum, the first one in 60 years that will not be rigged, will show the direction of Egypt’s political future. “Whether we accept the amendments or we reject them, either situation means a page in our history will turn,” said Amr Shubaki, a political analyst. Currently, the political leadership in Egypt is one big, confusing mess, as the military truly does not want to maintain power and it suspended the Constitution to rule. The voter turnout on Saturday, will provide insight on how Egypt will recover and move forward. However, many are ignorant about the amendments, so it is unclear if people will come to the polls purely to achieve a state of normalcy, even if they have no knowledge on the topic.


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And They Keep Coming

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The Northeast is bracing itself for the possibility of more upcoming storms in the next couple of weeks. It’s beginning to look as though our area could see a good amount of mixed precipitation at the front end of the storm tomorrow, which will eventually turn into all snow at the end. Our area can expect to see 2-4 inches by Saturday night as a result of this storm.

GFS model
(GFS Model)

As seen in the above picture, there is the potential for another large winter storm next week around February 9th to February 11th. This storm looks to be very powerful and if it were to carry out the way some of the models are currently showing, it can devastate our area. Anywhere from Washington D.C. to Nova Scotia could be seeing over a foot of snow with this winter storm. Still, it is too early to tell where this is going, but the potential for such a storm is definitely there. Stay tuned to IH Fan for more updates on the upcoming winter storms.

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Sloppy Saturday?

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As many parts of the United States dig out from the massive Groundhog Day Blizzard, a new storm looms on the horizon for the weekend. Our area experienced a significant mixing event that paralyzed travel for two days. Due to changes in the North Atlantic Oscillation from neutral to positive, there will continue to be a pattern in the next couple of weeks where we can see storms cutting inland and dumping more mixed precipitation to the area, rather than dumping all snow like we had been seeing throughout all of January. Therefore, while this Saturday storm does have the potential to drop around a half a foot of snow on our area, only some of the models are showing an all-snow event.


Currently, the models are split on what solution the I-95 corridor will see from this storm. As this storm runs up the coast Friday into Saturday, some models show a colder solution that would bring ice at the front end of the storm to our area, while following up with snow amounts of up to 5-10 inches afterwards. Other models do not show the cold air mass moving into place, in which case we could see larger amounts of freezing precipitation and rain instead. Keep in mind, if the precipitation falls in the form of ice, we will be dealing with the kind of difficult-to-shovel mess that we saw Wednesday morning. In addition, a rain event can cause flooding issues across our area as well.

At this point it’s a bit too early to tell what will occur with this winter storm on Saturday. Chances are, this will not have any effect on the school day Friday. Next chance for an interruption in school will be next Tuesday where there is the potential for another winter storm, this time with more snow. We will continue to keep you updated here at

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It’s Hunting Season

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On Friday January 28, over 600 fans crowded into the Ice Vault in Wayne, NJ to watch the Indian Hills Braves upset the favorite, the Ramapo Raiders, in an exciting second match-up of the season for the two teams. While this game did not draw as many spectators as the pre-Christmas game earlier in the season, students still packed the stands to cheer on their team.

After the first two periods, the two teams were tied 0-0. While Ramapo out shot Indian Hills throughout the game, neither team dominated the other overall. Indian Hills team members clearly came out well-prepared, learning from their mistakes in the 5-1 loss to Ramapo earlier in the season. The Indian Hills hockey team was ready to put up a good fight against Ramapo, and that is exactly what it did.

Late in the third period as the clock ticked down, it seemed like the two teams would end in a tie. But finally, with 2:49 to go, Trevor L. crossed the puck to T.J. T. who put it away in the back of the net. The Braves side of the bleachers went crazy, leaving Ramapo fans in a state of shock. Braves supporters continued to gain hope with every tick of the clock until with ten seconds left, they began to count down, and the Indian Hills Braves completed an astonishing upset over its rival, Ramapo High School.
(Photo by Justin S.)

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Ice Ice Baby

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By: Stephen M.

A major winter storm will be working its way through our area early tomorrow morning into late in the day Wednesday. This storm, our eighth of this busy winter season, has the potential to drop a large amount of snow, ice, and rain over the Northeast. In our area of Oakland, NJ, expect to see amounts in the 3 to 6 inch range by late in the afternoon tomorrow.

winter storm map

Much like last week’s storm, we can see this storm coming in two main parts. Part one will begin around 2-4 am this morning and consist of light snow throughout the day tomorrow. Expect slight travel disruptions but no school interruptions. The second part will come late tomorrow night and cause major havoc to our area into Wednesday. The major difference between this storm and last week’s storm is that the second part of the storm will come in a different form of precipitation, ice.

Temperatures in the upper atmosphere will reach above freezing by late afternoon tomorrow, causing a changeover from light snow to light sleet/freezing rain late in the day tomorrow. At this time, expect to see a lull in the storm as part one of the storm moves out of our area by early tomorrow evening. A freezing drizzle should continue into the early evening hours but by late tomorrow night, the second, heavier part of our storm will move through the area.

It will come in the form of a major ice storm for our area and can significantly cripple travel on Wednesday. Meteorologists say that our area can see up to an inch of ice which would essentially turn our streets into an ice skating rink by Wednesday morning. If this much ice were to coat our area, expect major power outages and extremely dangerous driving conditions.

ice map

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2011 Battle of the Bands is Approaching!

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Indian Hills has made a tradition out of having at least one Battle of the Bands contest each year. This year is no exception!

This year’s Battle of the Bands is coming up within the next two weeks! Come for a good time, great music, friendly atmosphere, and best of all, free food!

This family-friendly event features bands that are made up of all grades and perform many styles, so everyone is sure to be pleased!

January 21st
$5 Entrance Fee

May the best band win…

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New Year’s Eve

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Written by: Christie T.

Every New Year’s Eve, people anxiously await the New Year’s ball to drop in Times Square, officially signifying a fresh, New Year. The ball dropping tradition, which has been upheld since 1907, is enjoyed by so many because the intricately decorated and illuminated ball instills a certain feeling of joy and bright expectations for the New Year. However, what many probably do not know is the tremendous amount of energy that keeping that ball lit requires, up until this year that is. The goal was to start off 2011 in the same awe-inspiring way as in the past, but with a little more energy conservation: a goal that was certainly reached. This year, the New Year’s ball was made to use only 22 watts of electricity, as opposed to the 180 watts it needed in the past. To put it in simpler terms, the ball, which, as we all witnessed, is just as beautifully lit as ever, only uses as much energy per hour as it takes to operate two traditional home ovens. Talk about going green! This ball will be lit year-round and will only consume about 12% of the energy it required in the past. We certainly rang in the New Year in a ‘green’ fashion, so now it’s time to follow that example and keep that trend going.

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The New Indian Hills Hall of Fame

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Written by: Deanna M.

Something new in the hallway is catching the eyes of Indian Hills students. As a  new addition to the tradition of recognizing our sports and athletes, the school has added a hall of fame in the area near the upper gym. There are several blue  banners lined up along the wall. Each one has the name of a sport on it and soon will be filled with names of our student athletes. The Braves who demonstrate exemplary athletic ability, sportsmanship, and dedication will be inducted into the Indian Hills Hall of Fame. Hills honors students for outstanding academic performance, and now the school will provide equal recognition for our outstanding athletes. The Braves have a strong support system in the faculty and administration, Now the entire student body decked out in blue and gold at a game shows its support for the Indian Hills Braves. The new Hall of Fame shows that IHHS supports its athletes and is a reminder to anyone who walks  down the hallway that he or she has entered the home of the Braves.

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