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The IHHS Mock Trial Team

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By: Bridget G.

The students involved in the IHHS Mock Trial Team are hard workers by nature. Yet, this year, fate and unavoidable circumstances have pushed the team to new limits. Any time something could go wrong, it did this year! Returning players had to step up to the plate and the newbies had to learn on the go. Scheduling a successful practice seemed more difficult at times than finding a workable case theory. However, through thick and thin, the mock trial team members stepped up to the challenge and learned to work together this year! Against all odds, the Mock Trial team had a very successful year, making it out of the preliminary rounds and into the semi-finals. Though defeated by Bergen Catholic in a challenging competition, the team has grown stronger and more knowledgeable about the inner workings of Mock. Mock Trial is more than just memorization and long hours after school, it is a family that can deal with everything put in its way, whether it be last minute switches, court house evacuations, inconvenient weather conditions, or accusations of being on “the dark side.” At the end of the day, we have grown more confident in ourselves and each other and have fostered a sense of camaraderie.

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Indian Hills Accepts Rachel’s Challenge

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Written by: Deanna M.

On October 28, 2010, a guest speaker from the organization “Rachel’s Challenge” came to give students a presentation about bullying. The program was named “Rachel’s Challenge” in honor of the first victim of the shooting at Columbine High School: Rachel Scott. Rachel’s family created the organization to raise awareness on the issue of bullying in our schools.  Rachel’s family started the program to carry on Rachel’s mission to spread compassion. Rachel believed that showing kindness “would start a chain reaction of the same.” The program was designed to show high school kids that compassion and respect for their peers can really make a difference and create a better environment within the school. David D., Indian Hills Student Council President, said that Rachel’s Challenge was an experience that “changed [his] life and moved [him] and [his] peers.” David is certainly not the only one who feels that way.

Shane N., the founder of a new club called Students Step-Up (Step-Up for short), was very passionate about the assembly as well as the training that followed to create a mindset in the school that bullying would not be tolerated. When asked about the program, Shane said, “I feel that Rachel’s Challenge really had a profound impact on Indian Hills because it unified us by practicing the simple act of human kindness. Sometimes it’s easy to be mean, but Rachel teaches us that it should be easier to be kind.” Rachel’s Challenge forced each student to do some introspection and see where they could make some changes in their lives, changes that would help others and build respect. Now, when we walk through the cafeteria, we see that banner filled with hundreds of signatures that reads “I Accept Rachel’s Challenge” we realize that Indian Hills will be forever changed by that one assembly.

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Come Join IHHS Interact!

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Written by Justin P.

Interact is Indian Hills’ Community Service organization. Affiliated with the local Rotary Clubs, we participate in various local service efforts in order to make our home a better place. So far this year, club members have participated in various awareness walks, including the Buddy Walk for Down’s Syndrome, the Cancer Walk, and the Diabetes Walk, just to name a few. In addition, we have been participating in a new program called Little Chefs, where Indian Hills Students volunteer their time to help young children learn how to cook. We are looking forward to the coming events, such as trips to the Oakland Care Center and CAMP YDP. We also are awaiting our annual Harvest Festival, when students from Paterson visit Indian Hills for a celebration of Thanksgiving.
At the end of the day, we are not remembered by our own personal accomplishments and achievements, but by how we inspire success and happiness in others. Interact members believe in this principle, and in everything they do, they seek to make a difference, however small or large, on the life of another person. Community service not only looks great for college, but it is also very enjoyable and emotionally fulfilling. As the largest club in the school, we have members that hail from all different social groups and walks of life. Despite things that make us unique, though, we all have at least one ideal in common: Service Above Self.

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Place Holder

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A Whole New Spectrum

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Written by: Jennifer S.

The yearbook staff and advisors are very excited because this is the first year that the Indian Hills High School yearbook will appear in all color.  A change in publishers has made this possible, and we believe that this will allow for a more creative and exciting yearbook.  Since our yearbook is called Spectrum, it has always seemed logical that it should be filled with colorful pages that capture our lives at Indian Hills High School.

The entire staff is now hard at work creating the perfect yearbook.  Our photography staff members are very busy taking photos of school activities, sports, and clubs.  They are roaming the halls, classrooms, and athletic fields and are ready to capture the perfect photos for our publication.  The class of 2011 can look forward to having the most colorful yearbook in the history of Hills.

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