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Spirit Week Part 2!

Posted by Deanna M On April - 1 - 2011

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By: Danielle I.

Last week, as I embarked on my last spirit week of Indian Hills, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of nostalgia. I remembered my very first spirit week which consisted of a failed Toga Tuesday and my very first Way Back Wednesday (when I had no clue what it actually meant!). I can happily say now, though, that my senior year’s spirit weeks have been the most enthusiastic spirit weeks of all my years at IH!
Just this past week, the IHHS student council chose to enact a second spirit week and this has not been done in years. Due to the overwhelming amount of Braves pride displayed at the first spirit week in October, we knew that the student body was ready and willing to dress up and go all out again. Unfortunately, because of the overabundance of excitement that Spirit Week Part I exhibited, the student council was told to make the new spirit week a bit less “out there” and more tame. So, we chose a few new days to add in the mix!
Flannel Monday was a comfy and stylish hit among many Indian Hills students; while some simply wore flannel shirts, others adorned themselves in flannel pants. Tie-Dye Tuesday came next and it was awesome to look around the hallways and see so many different types of tie-dye! Although the next day called for snow, many dedicated Braves still chose to deck themselves out in their favorite decade’s gear for Way Back Wednesday. This was the first way back day that I have witnessed that involved cavemen, colonial men and women, and Romans in togas; so a big kudos goes out to those people who went beyond the twentieth century! Next, we had Sports Day on Thursday where a large number of students chose to wear their team’s favorite jersey or even dress up like an athlete! And to top it all off, we always include a day to dedicate to the blue, the gold, and the braves: Spirit Day. While the majority of us wore any one of our many IHHS shirts, others put on face paint, head gear, necklaces, and more!
Aly H. and Chris G. won the “Most Spirited Contest” that student council sponsored because they both dressed up fabulously every day! All I can now say is thank you Indian Hills for providing me with great memories and a fabulous last spirit week.

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