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Peace In Sight for Egypt?

Posted by Deanna M On March - 17 - 2011

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By: Christie T.

After all of the chaos that Egypt has faced over the past couple months, with massive protests causing the leader, Hosni Mubarak, to resign, it appears that a state of peace could be in sight. This Saturday, March 19th, a referendum about constitutional amendments, including limiting the President’s rule to two four-year terms and extending the emergency laws, will take place. This referendum, the first one in 60 years that will not be rigged, will show the direction of Egypt’s political future. “Whether we accept the amendments or we reject them, either situation means a page in our history will turn,” said Amr Shubaki, a political analyst. Currently, the political leadership in Egypt is one big, confusing mess, as the military truly does not want to maintain power and it suspended the Constitution to rule. The voter turnout on Saturday, will provide insight on how Egypt will recover and move forward. However, many are ignorant about the amendments, so it is unclear if people will come to the polls purely to achieve a state of normalcy, even if they have no knowledge on the topic.


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