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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Posted by jmichelle On March - 7 - 2011

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By: Jess W.
If they haven’t already, most seniors will soon find themselves either enjoying the wonderful feeling of acceptance or the pitiful feeling of rejection. Regardless, a major decision, with undeniable long term effects, will have to be made. While some have little difficulty making the decision, others are contemplating throwing logic out the window and opting for the method of “picking out of the hat.”
Choosing the right college is just as daunting as applying to college. Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal formula that students can follow in their decision making process. Students will have to really start examining what matters to them and what doesn’t. A common question most students ask is, “What is the best college?” Although many want to go to the “best” college they get into, what really defines “best?” Rankings often determine the definition of “best” for many. Understandably, more recognized schools offer some advantages in the job market, but sometimes a name-brand school may not be the best school. Happiness and success does not have to hinge upon a good college pedigree. It is more a product of the experiences and opportunities that a college offers.

In the end, students will be choosing a college that is most in line with their values. What those values are is just another question they will have to answe

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