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The “Senior” Parking Lot

Posted by jmichelle On February - 9 - 2011

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By: Colleen W.

So…we call it the “Senior Parking Lot” for a reason.  Parking in the lower lot is a privilege reserved solely for seniors who have applied for and received a parking pass. During the summer break, seniors who wished to park in the lower lot had to come to school and register their cars.  This year, Indian Hills decided to provide stickers for seniors to place in the rear-left window of their cars.  This made replicating fake parking passes much more difficult than it had been with the passes that hung from the rear-view mirror.  Security made it clear that parking rules were to be strictly enforced during the upcoming school year, making every senior eager to register.
However, in the past few weeks, the senior parking lot has grown much more crowded as more and more juniors have received their licenses.  Seniors with parking passes who arrive to school a few minutes late have been unable to find available parking spots.  It is unfair that many juniors have been taking full advantage of senior privileges.
Finally, last Friday, the administration of Indian Hills, after incurring a great deal of complaints from the frustrated senior class, decided to begin enforcing parking rules with consequences for those who violate such rules.  Seniors can now breathe a bit easier knowing that their parking spots will be available no matter what time they get to school and next year, the current juniors will be able to enjoy the same privilege and understand why the parking dilemma has caused such a controversy.

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