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“True Grit” Movie Review

Posted by jmichelle On January - 12 - 2011

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Written by: Jess W.

Watching the trailer for “True Grit,” one would expect an action-packed, thriller and a fresh new take of the typical “Western movie.” Unfortunately, “True Grit” lacked the anticipated suspense and was just a fairly straightforward take on a western movie.
“True Grit” is based on a novel by Charles Portis, and follows the story of a girl named Mattie Ross (played by Hailee Steinfeld), who seeks to avenge her father’s murder. Mattie turns to the tough U.S. marshal, Reuben Cogburn (Jeff Bridges), to find the man and deliver justice. The two set out into the Indian Nation in search of the murderer, Tom Chaney, and are accompanied by Texas Ranger Laboeuf (Matt Damon), who’s also looking for Tom Chaney. Throughout their journey, they encounter a number of dangers and surprises that ultimately test their “true grit.”
Overall, the movie is a bit slow moving, with random scenes of action that fail to reach a climax. There were a few shootouts here, a duel there, but nothing seemed to culminate in a highpoint. Quite frankly, the end of the movie didn’t even feel like the end. As the ending credits started to roll, I didn’t want to leave my seat, because I felt that something more was going to, or should have happened.
However, despite lack-luster Old West action scenes, the acting and the script is enough of a reason to watch the film. All the actors were very strong, but Hailee Steinfeld’s portrayal outshone the others. She plays a very strong-willed, witty character who will easily captivate audiences. The amount of humor in the movie was also a nice surprise, and helped to separate the movie from the traditional western movie.
“True Grit” is a good movie, but seeing the misleading advertisements may leave many with the feeling of something to be desired. For those who have seen the television ads for “True Grit,” just keep in mind that when you go to the theater, you’ll be watching a different movie than what you originally might expect.

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