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IHHS Spirit Week!

Posted by jmichelle On November - 17 - 2010

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Written By: Jackie Z.

Last year began the start of a new era at Indian Hills as school spirit
emerged. The newfound enthusiasm of spirit that the class of 2010
left us has been on the rise and there are no signs of it slowing down.
In spite of the football team’s losing streak, spirit week was
successful and fun. Students from all grades were keen on dressing
up during spirit week, and every day was filled with laughs and
outrageous costumes.
The week started off strong with pajama day. Slippers, stuffed animals
and ‘footie’ pajamas ruled the halls. By the end of the day, both
teachers and students definitely wished that they could wear their
pajamas every day to school and not be ridiculed.
After a relaxing day of sweats came the most anticipated day of the
week: Techno Tuesday. Students portrayed characters from “Jersey Shore”
as they came into school decked out in Ed Hardy tee’s and poofed hair.
Girls went heavy on the bronzer while boys loaded up on the hair gel.
Techno Tuesday was voted as the favorite of all days.
Next came opposite day. Opposite day was interesting because people’s
ideas were so varied. Some people chose to dress as the opposite sex,
whereas others dressed contrary to their personalities.
Spirit day was fun, but ironically did not have as much spirit as the rest of
the days. Overall, it was rated as the least fun of all days.
Regardless, spirit was still shown through Code Blue shirts and gold
and blue face paint.
All week, people were anticipating Friday to see what or who people were
going to be for Halloween. Some costumes were outrageous, some funny,
and others just uncanny. The yearbook staff, dressed as the cast of
Glee, rightfully took home the title of best group costume!

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